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Berniehana Butter

from Cookies/SunMed Growers

The quality of the nugs is overwhelmingly evident.

The new Berniehana Butter cultivated by SunMed Growers is a curated walk through the Girl Scout Cookies genetic line that is truly a piece of Cannabis breeding history. The Cookies genetic team has swept the nation with their wide range of top shelf cultivars and has been around long enough to start tapping into some of their old favorites to produce the next generation fire of Cannabis. 

Berniehana Butter is a relatively complex cross that incorporates Jet Fuel Gelato x Guava and Blue Cookies x Oreo – resulting in a work of refined Cannabis breeding of the highest caliber. The growers at SunMed carried these genetics to fruition and have blessed us with their iteration of this slightly sedative and succulent flower, now coming out of one of the more unique cultivations in Maryland.

The nose is dominated by earthy and floral tones that meld together to smother hints of berry fruits and smooth diesel. This blend of aromas is the quintessential bakers’ butter essence and brings forth a creamy infused smell. Sage, rosemary and other sharp herbs come to mind, but quickly reveal subtle notes of raspberry, lavender and petrol. Imagine enjoying a gorgeous rosemary olive loaf that’s drizzled lightly in a raspberry vinaigrette, on an orchard down the street from a raceway that wafts just the slightest amount of diesel smell in the breeze, and you will be close to understanding SunMed’s Berniehana Butter. The savory sweetness is an enticing bouquet but honestly, what stands out the most to me is the overall bud structure of the Cannabis itself.

I am traditionally used to Cookies genetics being produced by indoor artificial light here in Maryland. While indoor lights have come a long way over the decades, there is nothing that beats the beauty and majesty of a full-sun flower. SunMed has built a system that incorporates the efficiency of indoor lights with the breadth of quality of full spectrum sunlight in their mixed light greenhouse. This Berniehana Butter was grown using both indoor advanced lighting, as well as direct sunlight through a greenhouse roof, and the quality of the nugs is overwhelmingly evident. The full spectrum of the sun adds that extra bit of biological oomph that really shows in the bud structure itself. The trichome density is greater, the color more robust and the structure more fluffy than what one sees coming out of a straight warehouse, and SunMed has captured all of these quality points in their stellar version of Berniehana Butter. 

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This article was originally published in the December 2022 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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