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Blackberry OG

from Shore Natural RX

"My body sank into rubbery relief as my limbs became a gelatinous ode to Gumby."

Shore Naturals has low-key been pumping out some of the terpiest flowers on the market, and their rendition of Blackberry OG is no exception! This particular batch clocks in at over 3% total terpenes – which is about as terpy as Maryland gets.

The Blackberry OG is a particularly excellent example of their quality, and one of the most flavorful smokes of 2021 so far! The aroma is an effervescent and light bouquet of mixed berry and gas notes, flooding the whole room when you open the bag. It literally filled my whole house with an aroma that smelled as if the world’s best wookies gathered together a big bag of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries, crushed them up, distilled them into a cleaning solution and scrubbed my whole house down!

This powerful of an aroma was a big draw for me to sample and I’m happy to report that the flavor held up to the smell. The inhale and exhale did not shift the flavor profile much, as the gassy and berry notes tickled my various cannabinoid receptors with a smooth and full-bodied smoke. The Blackberry OG also sports a healthy 1% dose of terpinolene at the top of the terpene profile, followed by a myrcene and ocimene temper. This combination is quite rare and I would guess responsible for the particularly exquisite aroma and flavor profile. It also offers a very niche hybrid effect that I find to be particularly excellent for gastrointestinal relief and mood elevation.

A couple of bong rips into my eighth and my body sank into rubbery relief as my limbs became a gelatinous ode to Gumby, minus any heavy limbs. Additionally, I could feel my slightly queasy stomach settle with a strong antiemetic effect that quickly snowballed into an absolutely elated mood.

The experience of this cultivar is all-around unique and the flavor alone is worth a buy. 

Thank you so much Shore Natural for pushing out some ultra dank medicine that truly earns a unique place in 2021’s top Cannabis varieties.

This article was originally published in the March 2021 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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