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Blissful Wizard

from Curio Wellness

These buds are more than equipped to put even the highest of tolerances into a happy, hypnotized state.

What happens when you cross some good old fashioned Girl Scout Cookies and the exclusive Captain’s Cookies? You get the powerful hash plant, Blissful Wizard – grown here in Maryland by Curio Wellness and bred by The Captain’s Connection (@_cookiemaine_). 

This cross, already winning Cannabis cups as early as 2015, is known for being bred to be a pure potency bomb. Today, Curio Wellness has coaxed this variety to an astonishing 37.19% THCa content – one of the highest Maryland has to offer.

With such high percentages of cannabinoids, the Blissful Wizard doesn’t leave a lot of room for the terpene profile. But it does, however, bring a solid 2.24% dominated by some of the most luxurious and desirable terps around. With a caryophyllene dominance tempered with myrcene, linalool and some limonene, the ‘Wizard’ truly earns its ‘Blissful’ namesake. The high is most notably marked by a euphoria that carries one’s mood to elevated, giggly heights. This is a combination of the delectable terpenes and supreme cannabinoid content synergizing into a truly happy-go-lucky headspace. 

Alongside the glorious mood, there’s a tingling relaxation that makes its way throughout the body – creating a general calm that keeps the everything-is-funny giggles from reaching a manic cackle. Instead, you’re just steadily blissed out without a care in the world. 

Beyond the high, the Blissful Wizard is also a sight to behold. Boasting a glittering, ice-like surface that reflects some of the best trichome density I have ever seen, there’s a beautiful forest green coloration with a thin film of crystals creating an almost blueing effect. Clearly, these buds are more than equipped to put even the highest of tolerances into a happy, hypnotized state.

Marylanders can’t get enough of the Blissful Wizard throughout the year – especially with Curio Wellness consistently topping the potency charts for this cultivar –but the summertime vibes could be where the Wizard really shines. I highly recommend bringing him along as a happy companion for wherever the season takes you. 

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This article was originally published in the July 2023 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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