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Blue Lobster

from Maine Trees

A euphoric surge that lifts you up but never crashes hard – a testament to its expertly balanced, indica-leaning lineage

As soon as you lay eyes on Maine Tree’s Blue Lobster, it’s clear you’ve caught something unique. The buds are massive and blanketed in a frost of trichomes that shimmer like sunlight dancing off the crest of a wave. Incredible bag appeal is just your first hint at the quality of the voyage ahead … guiding you like a treasure map towards the enjoyable experience that lies beneath the surface.  

Before fully admiring the beautiful blue-tinged buds, you’re swept away by an onslaught of rich, fruit-forward scents as intoxicating as a summer breeze through a bustling tropical farmers market. Upon inhaling, the taste of Blue Lobster washes over you revealing blueberries and grapes soaked in cran-apple juice, topped off with a splash of fresh lime zest that lands with a smooth, creamy gas note on the tail end. The flavor profile is underpinned by its parents (Apples & Bananas x Eye Candy) and fully spans the entirety of a sugar-coated fruit stand. The complex rainbow of fruit flavors distinctly spreads across the smoke – with each hit seemingly unearthing a new layer of its complex, juicy essence.

The true magic of Blue Lobster lies in its harmonious combination of taste and effects. The experience starts as a euphoric surge that lifts you up like a swell, but never crashes hard – a testament to its expertly balanced, indica-leaning lineage. Its compelling taste makes it irresistible, while the experience leaves you serene and tranquil, floating above the murky depths of overindulgence. 

Exploring this strain will give you a soothing ride that leaves your mind calm and your body at ease. This is the kind of wave that you don’t just ride; you savor it, finding the present moment and letting the peaceful, good vibes flow through your day or into a restful evening.

Catching Blue Lobster is an experience reserved for those willing to navigate the vast seas of “rare exotic” strains in search of something truly special. I’m always left smiling and smacking my lips when I am able to find this one on a menu. So, if you find yourself with the chance to catch this special strain from Maine Trees, don’t hesitate to dive in.


This article was originally published in the March 2024 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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