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Blue Steel

from Last Frontier Maine

On the nose, there is a clear candy sweetness, with a hint of berry and a faint underpinning of OG funk.

Blue Steel is so hot right now! 

This absolutely stunning, gorgeous, all-eyes-on-me strain is deserving of the spotlight. Cultivated by Maine’s own Last Frontier, this cross between Rainbow Truffles (White Truffle x Jealousy) and Pink Lemonade (Lemon Skunk x Purple Kush) is a deceptively sweet, hybrid strain that will leave you uplifted, energized and creative while still locked into a relaxed, grounding high. Don’t let your guard down though, this strain has Mugatu-level power that will leave you so stoned that you may try to figure out how they got the files *in* the computer. 

Owner and cultivator Cudo explained that finding this hidden gem was a stroke of luck. Bred by Red Eye, the seeds for this strain were gifted as testers right before Red Eye decided to take an extended hiatus from the game, meaning the seeds were never released to the public. After an in-house pheno hunt, during which they found some keepers, Last Frontier knew they had something special on their hands that nobody else would have. With such a distinctively sharp nose and blue color, they jokingly landed on “Blue Steel,” a reference to the cult comedy classic movie “Zoolander.” 

The bud structure resembles the White Truffle parent but has distinctively blue and purple hues flowing underneath springs of pine green; when prepped for a joint, the basin of my grinder was primarily filled with a beautiful dark blue color. On the nose, there is a clear candy sweetness, with a hint of berry and a faint underpinning of OG funk. Once smoked, Blue Steel reveals its true personality: a balanced mixture of sweet candy blended into a surprisingly doughy, dessert cookie-like smoke on the exhale. The high is experienced like a true hybrid strain with equal parts buzzing cerebral energy, creativity and euphoria mixed together with calming, relaxing full-body effects. A perfect strain for an afternoon hike or picnic, this one left me feeling present, dialed-in and not too buzzy (sativa-leaning) or couch-locked (indica-leaning). 

Not only is this strain a looker, but she smokes great as well, proven by Blue Steel’s third-place finish in The Billy Awards “Sweets” category earlier this year. And if there is anything that winning awards can teach us, it’s that high-grade Cannabis is a precious commodity. Just because she smokes great and has stunning features doesn’t mean she can’t also be louder than a freak gasoline fight accident. 

Don’t miss your shot to feel like a winner and enjoy Blue Steel. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than smoking really, really, ridiculously good weed, but I don’t plan on finding out what that is.


This article was originally published in the June 2024 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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