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from Tower Three

This force-of-nature hybrid strain is as big and powerful as its namesake and will leave you hungry for more.

Don’t be afraid of the big bad “Butterwolf.” This force-of-nature hybrid strain is as big and powerful as its namesake and will leave you hungry for more.

Butterwolf, a monster cross of Peanut Butter Breath (Do-Si-Dos x Mendo Breath) and Swamp Thing (Triangle Kush x Grandpa’s Breath F2), is bred by the visionaries at TeamingWithTerps and lovingly nurtured by the dedicated cultivators at Tower Three. It is one of the first strains I’ve smoked from Tower Three’s family-owned operation. Their premium hand-trimmed, small-batch flower is grown to maturity in organic living soil in Taunton, Massachusetts.

At first appearance, Butterwolf resembles Triangle Kush in its structure, with bulbous flowers and swollen calyxes. The flower is tantalizing with two massive, trichome-covered nugs constituting an entire 1/8th. Describing the plant, Tower Three’s head of cultivation, James Wormser, said, “our cut is the outlier, twice the height and stretch of all her sisters, but she has such a distinctive look and taste, she couldn’t be denied.”

From a smoking standpoint, Butterwolf is a bit of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” The initial aroma and flavors that beckon you in are a mixture of gas and the earthy, nutty aromas of Peanut Butter Breath. However, the loud fuel on the inhale is strong, and once you are in the grip of its underlying gassy, OG Kush terps, a surprising overripe strawberry note sneaks onto your tongue through the exhale. With each toke, the complex petrol fumes seemed to intensify while still leaving enough space for the hint of sweet berry on the backside.

A true alpha, this strain doesn’t hold anything back. Butterwolf is a pack leader in potency, testing out at over 30% THC. Even seasoned smokers can find themselves locked to the couch if they’re not careful around this beast. A great evening strain that will have you overcoming insomnia and leave you with a powerful case of the munchies. My experience included a deep relaxation to almost numbness, with room for a pleasant elevated sense of creative clarity.

Butterwolf is a heavy hitter with a loud bite that proves to be an enjoyable evolution of some classic gas flavors. Like a primal wolf howling under a full moon, you’ll feel a deep animal urge to hunt for this strain again. Pounce on it if you get the chance.

towerthreellc.com | @towerthreellc

This article was originally published in the February 2024 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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