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Caddy Shack

from Curio Wellness

With ocimene leading the way, it’s a powerful toke sure to expand your palate.

This month we are stoked to have found one of the more rare terp profiles Cannabis can produce … ocimene dominance! 

From Curio Wellness’ small-batch, hand-trimmed exotic strain line we find Caddy Shack – a delicious cross between Super Lemon Haze and Punch Mints. Curio has long been producing solid cultivars in Maryland, but every now and then they churn out a real gem of a flower that can’t help but stand out in a crowd. Hunting for flowers is always a fun challenge, but over time you really start to notice the patterns of production and the subsequent terpene profiles that yield out. I am very used to seeing myrcene, caryophyllene and even limonene-dominant cultivars, so I actively pursue profiles that break the mold and bring diversity to store shelves.

Ocimene is a very elegant terpene that produces a unique floral/fruity aroma that synergizes particularly well with terpinolene, and is often found in Cannabis with a terpinolene-dominant profile. But the Caddy Shack is different – with ocimene leading the way, it’s a powerful toke sure to expand your palate. Never forget the sheer breadth of terpene combinations the Cannabis plant is capable of producing and recognize that if you want to truly be a connoisseur, then you have to put in the work to educate your palate on the vast array of flavors, aromas and effects this plant can offer you.

The aroma of Caddy Shack is a sensory experience like none other. It produces a sharp fruitiness that is accentuated by unique floral notes – an ode to the meticulous attention to detail and craft by the team at Curio. It’s as if a lilac and a honeysuckle had a lovechild that started producing blackberries and blueberries. There are little to no fuel notes as well, which is uncommon because many varieties carry at least a hint of such aroma. The rarity of Caddy Shack is furthered by its large and uniquely-shaped crown kola, adding a visual layer of appreciation to accentuate the wild aromas and elevating headspace. 

You simply can’t go wrong with the small-batch, hand-trimmed flower Curio is producing these days – so if you’re looking for an exotic option to brighten your Cannabis consumption, let the  Caddy Shack be your guide to the next level.

curiowellness.com | @curiowellness

This article was originally published in the March 2024 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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