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Carbon Fiber

from Heights Co.

This would be great herb for your next movie night!

To catch the attention of your modern Cannabis consumer, your material has to stand out. On every shelf, there’s flower that smells like a peach pie or two scoops out of the ice cream case, and they’ve all got a dessert name to match. So when I see something with a name like Carbon Fiber on the shelf, I know it had to beat out a dozen other cultivars with a name like Raspberry Frosting to earn that spot on the shelf.

With a rotating catalog of favorites, Heights Co. has been putting fire on shelves since 2014. You’d be lucky to catch a jar of their Runtz on the shelf or share some of their pungent Dogwalker, so just seeing the farm name usually indicates you are in for a real treat when you get the jar home.

The focus and attention to detail that Heights brings is precisely why they often work with Cannarado for genetics. Slanging seeds since 1998, Cannarado has developed a reputation for releasing rigorously selected, trichome-covered selections with big flavor. With cultivars like Sundae Driver and Lava Cake, growers and connoisseurs alike scan the shelves for his latest genetics.

This Carbon Fiber is exceptional – providing one of the loudest profiles I’ve come across in a minute. It’s not a surprise that even in the garden, this cultivar was turning heads. Heights mentioned that in week five or six of flower, this clone-only cultivar takes on a unique overlapping leaf pattern that resembles woven carbon-fiber cloth. The buds finish with jet-black accents that stand out in a sea of Cookie clones.

The aroma starts as clean garden soil warming in the sun and then becomes decidedly more complex, with notes of fresh river water and a top note of fizzy fermenting apples. The scent is so effervescent and nose tickling that just cracking the jar is its own reward. Altogether the profile reads as supremely sweet gas with some earthy complements. If ultra-premium gasoline could be worn as cologne, this is what I imagine it would smell like.

Breaking down the buds shows off flashes of bright green through jet-black calyxes. The sharp contrast of colors and reflective trichomes catch and cast light, giving each nug a jewel-like appearance. This dense bud breaks up nicely by hand, but needs a run through a grinder if there’s any hope of an evenly burning joint.

Smoking a joint of Carbon Fiber to myself feels a little bit indulgent, kind of like eating an entire sleeve of Oreos. The herb burns nice and even, with clean ash and flavorful draws. Time seems to come to a standstill, with the joint burning for longer than I imagined and time dilation taking effect. I’m certain this would be a great herb for your next movie night, but stick to something that won’t demand your full attention – or risk losing the plot as your mind wanders.

When it comes to exotic genetics and wild flavors, it’s going to be difficult to top what Carbon Fiber brings to the table. All of the flash and flavor of most top-tier offerings, but with unique characteristics, you won’t find on just any shelf. Keep an eye out for this one – or if you’re a flavor chaser and like head-turning terps and a unique effect – go out of your way to track some down.

This article was originally published in the August 2021 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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