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Dirty Bird

from Eastwood Gardens

Nose-tickling black pepper hits first, followed by cedar, dark chocolate, and the scent of an auto shop on a hot day.

With the abundance of good herb in Oregon, it’s easy to have a go-to strain for everything. There’s the perfect bud to smoke in your hammock and not annoy the neighbors and an ideal bag of something to roll up on the coast and share with new friends. Then, there’s the selection you proudly bring to the sesh – igniting a sense of jar-envy as you showcase your discerning taste in small-batch craft Cannabis. 

Eastwood’s Dirty Bird is here for just that: Getting your head stash correct and making your friends second-guess their taste in weed.

Tearing into these showcase nugs releases a plethora of cologne-thick scents. The aroma here leans toward the savory, but with a complexity and nuance we rarely see from such loud profiles. Nose-tickling black pepper hits first, followed by woodsy cedar, dark chocolate, and the scent of an auto shop on a hot day – think new car, leather, gasoline and tires that haven’t touched the road yet. Best of all, these flavors translate to the palate with each dry hit of the joint … and even more so once lit.

It’s no surprise that this selection stands out – it’s directly from the breeder, Mike of Exotic Genetix. With Sunset Sherbet, Biscotti, and Mike’s own Tina and Rainbow Chip in the mix, we might have expected Dirty Bird to taste like a cloying confection. What a pleasant surprise! By selecting a potent and gassy expression, we get all of those delicious dessert flavors over the funky sort of profile growers gravitate toward. As the owner Adam from Eastwood admits, “Getting gifted this plant from the breeder makes the whole thing pretty dope”.

We can expect even more of these significant collaborations and exciting combinations in the not-so-distant future. As Adam explores interesting genetics and potential possibilities, we can look forward to a range of unique hybrids hitting shelves. Particularly the forthcoming Pink Elephante, utilizing Eastwood’s renowned Elephant Ears crossed to a stunning Rainbow Banana gifted by the crew at Echo. With flavors on deck that are sure to be an olfactory delight, rest assured, we’ll stay on top of all the exciting releases – with a judging eye on which jar you brought to the sesh.


This article was originally published in the August 2023 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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