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Dosidos #22-22

from Culta

Provides a rich and luxurious headspace, minus the couch-locking effects.

Culta Cannabis has long cultivated a reputation for producing top-tier flower and as such, has amassed a robust catalog of some of the best cultivars available in our state. In this collection of genetics is a highly sought after line by the name of Dosidos – and within it dances several varieties of its dankness. 

The Dosidos #22-22 is our pick for the best representation of this coveted genetic line – both potent and loud, it’s the perfect encapsulation of your quintessential indica effects.

Exploring the terpene profile reveals a caryophyllene:limonene:linalool dominance leading the way and providing a rich and luxurious headspace, minus the couch-locking effects that can occur when myrcene tries to take over. This allows the strain to address symptoms with an even balance of physical and mental relief, without sending you to foggily and groggily take on the day. Consistently chronic, Dosidos #22-22 is one of Maryland’s most popular flowers to date for these hard-hitting and reliable effects. 

The jar pop leaves little-to-no time between the initial twist and an overwhelming sensation of being smacked by smell. Indeed, opening a batch is loud enough to fill an entire house, let alone a room. The aromatic mosaic lingers in the air as an amalgamation of adhesives and fuel layers over a cakey goodness, capturing the senses and inducing daydreams of gassy grandeur. 

So, does dancing with flavors of oil refineries and bakeries sound like a festive addition to your holiday season? Just let Dosidos #22-22 lead the way for a mouth watering Cannabis experience that’s sure to delight. 

culta.io | @cultaig

This article was originally published in the December 2023 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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