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Fairy Tale

from Tanana Herb Company

Tanana Herb’s Fairy Tale flower offered a diverse high that shifted with each bowl.

Cinderella wanted to go to the ball. Sleeping Beauty just wanted to spin some yarn without ending up catatonic. Goldilocks wanted to satiate her hunger pains with some porridge and have a nap. Like these fairy tale heroines, Alaskans aren’t looking for much – just a chance to exchange sub-zero winter temps for sandy beaches and warm deserts for a week. Sadly, Tanana Herb Company’s Fairy Tale flower won’t buy you a plane ticket or pack your suitcase for you, but it will give you a kick of creative energy to make your own fairy tale come true. 

These incredibly dense buds are more fragrant than frosty, so you won’t end up with sticky fingers – but the scent will still find a way to leave its mark on your hands. A little “mirror mirror on the wall” action might not reveal this Cannabis as the “fairest one of all” with its dark green coloration and muted orange pistils; however, judging this book by its cover would be a mistake. Once we cracked open the bud with an audible snap, we were treated to large, ice cave-like trichomes and the stickiness we love so much. More crumbly than we’d expected, the bud was a little difficult to pack into a spoon without using our Flower Mill Grinder, but it was worth the extra effort. 

A cross between Snow White x Alice in Wonderland x Cinderella 99, Fairy Tale derives some of the best qualities of its parentage: the sleepy properties of Snow White, the happy high of Alice in Wonderland, and the intense focus of Cinderella 99. Like a true hybrid, Tanana Herb’s Fairy Tale flower offered a diverse high that shifted with each bowl. Our first tokes released a deep, woodsy scent with subtle notes of citrus and fruit. As the high hit, we immediately felt a calm wash over us, and it wasn’t long before we drifted off for a quick nap. When we regained consciousness and smoked another bowl, the uplifting limonene terpenes went to work and had us buzzing with focused energy. By the third bowl – yep, we’re definitely stoners – we found our inner bliss and had way too much fun playing with the Lite Brite we snagged at a white elephant party over the holidays.

If you’re looking to spend an afternoon in your jammies daydreaming about warmer climates, Fairy Tale is the strain for you. 

This article was originally published in the January 2023 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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