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False Teeth

from TriCann

False Teeth is a smooth smoke with an interesting mix of flavors.

TriCann recently took first place in the New England Harvest Cup for concentrates with their Blackberry Kush rosin. And considering that great extracts generally start out with great strains, I figured TriCann must also boast some amazing flower!

Owner and Head Cultivator Arron Barth is doing an amazing job with TriCann, where patient care is his first concern. In addition to high-quality medicine, TriCann is also one of the very few medical Cannabis dispensaries with a private room where patients can discuss their symptoms candidly.

After a bit of sampling, their False Teeth strain stood out as my favorite. Originally bred by Dungeons Vault Genetics, it’s a cross of Candyland V2 and Grandpa’s Breath – both of which are known for being quite potent.

Upon opening the jar, I discovered beautiful hairy nugs with an earthy, herbal smell that filled my nose, reminding me of the incense I encountered back in my college days. False Teeth is a smooth smoke with an interesting mix of flavors, bringing a fruity, apricot taste that’s quite unique and extremely enjoyable. 

A few casual puffs during the morning and I felt very relaxed, with no pain or discomfort in my back and shoulders. I could feel a heady, cerebral buzz coming on that made me glad I hadn’t smoked more, as I wanted to get some work accomplished. Before long, False Teeth gave me a serious case of the munchies, so I moved on to a midday snack break. 

That evening, after finishing the day’s tasks, I rolled a well-earned fatty and smoked two large bowls – washing my anxiety and the stress of life away like the mud off one’s boots in the spring! With the warm and cleansing vibes lingering, couchlock ensued – but it also provided a giggly stoniness reminiscent of my youth. Laughing at almost anything, I was more capable of ordering pizza and wings than I was of actually cooking for myself.  

If you’re in need of a laugh-out-loud evening with friends, look no further than the False Teeth from TriCann. Paired with a funny movie and a solid snack supply, you’ll have no shortage of reasons to smile.


This article was originally published in the March 2022 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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