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from Ripple Wellness

Savory and sharp, with strong notes of garlic and pine that hit you on the pull before rounding out smooth and sweet.

Ripple Wellness is a true craft Cannabis brand. Family-owned and operated in Saco, Maine, Ripple’s team relies on their vast experience and technical know-how to grow boutique-quality weed.

Sourcing rare and unique genetics from the West Coast and using East Coast growing innovations, Ripple utilizes the best of the best. Case in point: their highly coveted Fatso strain, which is a cross between GMO and Legend OG taken directly from the Phinest Cannabis x Cannarado Genetics tissue culture project. This flower is a connoisseur-quality OG that expresses strong pinene terpenes and is reminiscent of old-school Headband.

Fatso – an indica-dominant hybrid – is so gassy and loud everyone around you will be instantly struck by the sharp and potent scent of petrol, as if you were refueling your car.

Ripple Wellness grows in organically-amended probiotic “living” soilless media, which includes bio-available additives to promote a high brix level with a primary focus on heavy terpene production. The finished product is incredibly strong and flavorful, featuring luscious buds. However, Fatso is something of a misnomer as the plant is rather svelte. In all fairness, we would say this Fatso is louder than it is fat.

Light green with a white crystal blanket of trichomes spread evenly throughout, the buds are nicely formed and have a great texture. Hand-trimmed to preserve the integrity of the plant’s resin, each nug is covered – tip to stem – with all the good stuff you’re looking for in high-quality Cannabis.

Fatso produces relaxing effects and for those battling bouts of insomnia, it can help with falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. After a few hits, you will likely feel euphoric and happy – perhaps with a touch of the mind-erasing qualities of GMO leaving you unable to recall what the day’s stresses even were in the first place.

The flavor is savory and sharp, with strong notes of garlic and pine that hit you on the pull before rounding out smooth and sweet. There are also some hints of cheese that bring a parmesan-reggiano creaminess. Just a few puffs of the Fatso from Ripple Wellness will certainly leave you contemplating its complexity … before sending you happily to the couch.

Web: ripple-wellness.com 

Social: @ripple_maine

Available at stores throughout Maine

This article was originally published in the January 2023 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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