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Fruity Pebbles

from AK Loven' It

From the very first draw, our taste buds were hit with the same spicy, berry flavor that had been tempting us.

As classic as a bowl of sugary, sweet cereal in the morning, AK Loven It’s Fruity Pebbles has left an indelible mark on Cannabis enthusiasts. Originated in 2006 by the California-based Alien Genetics team, Fruity Pebbles is a splendid blend of Granddaddy Purple and Green Ribbon, combined with Tahoe Alien pollen. Although the strain was initially intended as a limited release, this little bud that could, became an instant hit.

The bud structure of this memorable strain differs slightly from the average indica hybrid. Fruity Pebbles’ dense, conical buds feature bright green leaves dotted with purple and red hues, contrasting against the orange hairs that cover the strain. Looking at this colorful bud, it’s clear to see where the inspiration for its name came from. But the visual appeal is only one part of what makes Fruity Pebbles so unique.

Opening a jar is almost an endless tease that begins with a heady blend of spicy and sweet aromas. Although some pick up on the citrus notes, we found ourselves honed in on the berry scent. Taking a deep inhale brought us right back to a childhood spent picking wild blueberries in the mountains. When we cracked apart the delicate bud, it released a potent hashy smell that quickly filled the room – and us with anticipation.

From the very first draw, our taste buds were hit with the same spicy, berry flavor that had been tempting us since we first opened the jar. The exhale brought out the more earthy, hashy side of the flower without overpowering the strain’s fruitiness, while the decidedly sweet aftertaste of the flower’s smoke beckoned us to load up another bowl. As an added bonus, when cured properly, the flower picks apart so beautifully that even the most novice smoker should be able to pack a bowl with ease.

Within a few minutes of smoking, a slow wave of relaxation washed over us. The high was distinctly heady initially, but as time passed, it slowly morphed into a euphoric, fogless, relaxing high. But don’t expect to find yourself couch-locked, because this hybrid can add some pep in your step. You may find yourself willing and able to discuss the nature of the cosmos with anyone who will listen. Or, you might finally get around to cleaning the house while you jam out to Ariana Grande. Either way, Fruity Pebbles is a classic beauty that any Cannabis lover should try at least once.

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