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Bailey Jonson

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Garlic Mints

from Nova Farms

"A symphony of savory terps on your palate."

Garlic Mints took us to a special place. Let’s just say, if you see a strain on your local dispensary menu that has a reference to garlic, that’s a good sign it is some really dank weed. 

Taking the 10 minute trip to North Attleboro, Mass., I had time to wait in a short line outside Nova Farms to grab myself some nuggets for my head. Greeted by a very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff, I was able to find a digital menu to scroll and ultimately chose the Garlic Mints.

With great packaging, Nova Farms certainly knows how to brand. Their jars are blacked out, with a stickered testing label stuck to the side and a beautiful mandala symbol. Right as you pinch the bottle cap, aromas of skunky gas pour out. This cultivar’s scent profile leans more toward the diesel-y, burnt rubber spectrum of gas, with hints of woody spice. 

This cross of G.M.O. and Animal Mints brings a very cerebral head stone, providing a heady high with a nice fuzzy sensation, followed by intense cottonmouth. Each exhale packs huge flavor, akin to roadkill skunk and diesel fuel. It’s a symphony of savory terps on your palate. 

As expected from an indica-dominant variety, I was floored by relaxation, comforting effects and a soothing, calming high. I caught myself zoning out a couple of times, focusing deeply on whatever I was thinking about. Followed up with a wave of the munchies, I really enjoyed my first experience with Garlic Mints smoke-ability. 

In Latin, Nova means “newly visible star,” and Massachusetts certainly has a shining new star among the dispensary community doing big things. Nova Farms was a really cool place to visit – I felt at home there and wanted to stay and hang out. They have a great selection of genetics on the menu, with a lineup of pre-rolls and other amenities, plus every accessory you need to consume properly. 

Address: 34 Extension St, Attleboro, MA 02703

Phone & Web: (833) 420-6682 | novafarms.com | @novafarms

This article was originally published in the March 2021 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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