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Rhode Island

Gary Payton

from RI Cultivation Co.

Your nose is immediately hooked by that signature petrol-esque smell.

Last year, I attended a launch party for Gary Payton’s eponymous strain in Massachusetts – and since then, the cultivar’s impact on the market has been iconic. Many Bay State stoner sports fans were in attendance at the packed event, including a lot of big games in the Cannabis industry. This strain is certified gas and is highly coveted among growers and smokers alike. It seems to have taken over as the new gas pack over GMO. Having grown it myself, it’s one I truly love to smoke on a regular basis. 

A highly popular collab breeding project between the Cookies crew and Kenny Dumetz of Powerzzzup Genetics, Gary Payton is a cross of the Y x Snowman that packs a serious punch. This potency matched with its high resin production and loud terpenes gives me hope that true gas will never fall out of favor. 

I was able to purchase an eighth of some official Gary Payton from Rhode Island Cultivation Co. – an up-and-coming cultivator in the 401 with decades of experience and a superior palate. This batch tested at over 22% THC, using Athena Pro nutrients. And let me just say: This is some incredibly well-grown flower that was harvested to perfection. Immediately upon opening the pill bottle-style jar, your nose is hooked by that signature petrol-esque smell – reminiscent of Headband or an OG Kush, but with a sweet and tangy twist. 

Gary Payton had me giggly and talkative in a public setting, which helped me break out of my typically socially anxious side. Don’t underestimate its very relaxing effects, as you may find yourself with a case of cement feet. I rolled a cone and the flavor lasted all the way until the very end and skunked up the whole place. Whenever someone smokes some Gary, the pungent aroma of lemon, lime and gas sticks to the air like “The Glove” did to his opponents while playing defense in the NBA.  

RICC is doing a top notch job reimagining craft Cannabis here in Lil’ Rhody. Being a Class A cultivator with only a 5,000-square-foot grow, they’re as boutique and high quality as it gets. It’s all about supporting the true pop and pop growers like these guys who put love and attention into every plant grown and bud harvested. 

With RICC product available at almost every dispensary in the state, I highly recommend purchasing any of their flavors on the menu. Usually an eighth is under $40, which is a good bang for your buck for this level of quality. Follow them on Instagram to stay up to date with their latest drops @ricultivationco – you’ll be happy you did! 


This article was originally published in the November 2023 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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