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Gas Face #10

from Gaia Farms

Musky, herbaceous notes that float above a powerful foundation of fuel.

We’re not in spooky season, but Gas Face #10 – affectionately dubbed “Undertow OG” from Gaia Farms in Maine – is a frighteningly good expression of one of the hottest stains out right now. This power-packed hybrid is a cross between Face Mints (Face Off OG x Kush Mints) and (Biscotti x Sherb), boasting a high-THC percentage (25%+) and the heavy hitting gas that Kush lovers chase.

Bred by the legends at Seed Junky, Gas Face placed second at the 2023 Emerald Cup (Indoor Flower) and is the latest in a line of award-winning genetics that include strains such as Animal Cookies, Jealousy and Jungle Cake. The seeds are notoriously difficult to come by, so while most other brands are growing a readily available cut, Gas Face #10 is exclusive to Gaia Farms. It was hunted, selected and brought to life through the care of Owner/Operator Justin Claudino, who spoke to me about finding this gasoline tinged gem.

“Nobody else has this cut, we popped and hunted these from seed,” he tells me. “I don’t say this lightly, but all 12 we grew could have been winners in someone else’s garden. We ultimately had to narrow it down to our favorite expression. We love this strain so much, we still keep a few other selections from that hunt in the garden.”

The cultivation of Gas Face #10 involves a careful and patient approach. Each plant is grown in rich soil under LEDs, nurtured until it reaches full maturity at about 68 days. This specific duration of growth ensures that the strain develops its full potential in both flavor and potency. While this phenotype was more challenging to grow than some of the others they hunted – requiring more attention and a slightly altered diet – its killer taste and effect could not be denied. 

This version of the strain is Faceoff OG dominant, with musky, herbaceous notes that float above a powerful foundation of fuel. The thick smoke of Gas Face #10 will leave you in a happy, sedated, heavily stoned state while reaching for your favorite snack. This one is a great choice for a night in, ordering takeout and watching your favorite (scary?) movie. 

While some sequels are disappointing and derivative, the team at Gaia Farms has scored an updated version of a modern classic. In response to why he felt this strain was so popular right now, Justin gave credit to its predecessors: “It’s simply reminiscent of all of what we love about old-school classic OGs, but with modern-day OG bag appeal and structure. It has all that without losing the same powerful gas from back in the day. It’s our version of a redefined OG.” 

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