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Grandpa’s Gun Chest

from Evan’s Creek Farms

Packed into a bowl or rolled into a joint, the flavor lasts throughout the entire experience.

Bred by Oregon native Surfr Seeds, Grandpa’s Gun Chest is an explosive cross between Animal Mints #15 and Redneck Wedding (GMO x Trophy Wife) that offers nothing but excellence with its powerful lineage. In true fashion, the folks at Evan’s Creek Farms, based in Hood River, have craftily selected another exemplary phenotype that stands above the crowd, always cultivated to perfection. Their ability to select the best traits from various strains never fails to impress, and their Grandpa’s Gun Chest is a shining example of their continuous hard work and dedication to the craft. 

Caked in a silvery trichome sheen, the deep purple and black hues of the Grandpa’s Gun Chest clash against the light with specks of faint green penetrating through the dark every so often. Its dense bud structure makes it easy to break apart, quickly leaving traces of sticky resin on your fingers from this perfectly dried and cured flower. Every little piece offers more than meets the eye, turning any seemingly small nugget into a tiny mountain with how much flower is packed into each tight bud. 

After breaking the flower apart, the nose is filled with that favorite funky, pungent smell you can almost taste as the Redneck Wedding lineage shines through with that foul, musty smell I can’t seem to get enough of. Lingering alongside is the sweet and creamy yet heavy aroma of the Animal Mints, blending together like oil and water as if each profile is fighting to be dominant. Between the sweet gas, musty and earthy smell, each profile is punching against the other in the best way possible. You can easily gaze upon and smell this flower and just know that it’s going to be a pleasantly stoney high.

Packed into a bowl or rolled into a joint, the flavor lasts throughout the entire experience, with each puff bringing an earthy, smoked yet creamy taste that isn’t harsh or off-putting. The loud, musty nose translates surprisingly smooth, leaving the palate fresh and without that sometimes-overpowering funk lingering behind. With notes of wood, leather, and chai, the taste is intriguingly unique compared to most strains with similar lineage. 

The high is most certainly something to write home about as the Grandpa’s Gun Chest provides a relaxingly balanced high that leaves the consumer stoned to the bone without feeling heavy behind the eyes. Perfect for a rainy day inside or relaxing by the river, the high is best for maxin’ and relaxin’ during the day or for winding down at night. But stoners beware, a little flower goes a long way with this one. Its effects hit hard and last for a while, so make sure you’re ready for what it’s about to bring to the table.

This article was originally published in the July 2021 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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