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Grape Diamonds

from Happy Valley

The stimulating effects of this hybrid strain hit almost immediately upon lighting up.

The best hybrid crosses of indica and sativa genetics reflect the positive attributes of both distinct types of Cannabis plants. Grape Diamonds is a perfectly balanced 50/50 blend of Pink Grapefruit and Member Berry strains, named for her gorgeous purple hue and sweet grape soda flavor. The small and tight plum-colored nuggets of this visually stunning variety virtually glisten with shiny trichomes.   

The growers of Happy Valley insist that all of their flowers are hand-trimmed and cured for at least two weeks, and their extra effort shines through in the preservation of fragrant terpenes. Upon cracking open Happy Valley’s thick and sturdy sealed glass jar, the strong scent of ripe stone fruits wafts forth, followed by notes of lilac and propane gas. 

The stimulating effects hit almost immediately upon lighting up. The initial onset had us feeling giddy – laughing almost uncontrollably and ready to take on the tasks of the day. The giggly kickoff made way for a more pleasurable and subdued feeling that lasted for hours. 

Grape Diamonds is a strain perfect for treating anxiety and mild depression. A few more puffs and the blissful high returned even stronger, revealing a cerebral buzz with no “ceiling” and some hunger pangs. So wipe away your stress, increase the pleasure level of your mood, and stimulate your appetite with this well-balanced hybrid providing the best of both worlds. 

This article was originally published in the July 2021 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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