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Grape Rock

from Canna Pharm Rhode Island

This rare and highly sought-after cross of Glue x Grand Daddy Purple delivers a relaxing, nostalgic stone!

Canna Pharm has brought a super-rare, indica-dominant hybrid strain to the Rhode Island Cannabis market – a cross of Glue x Grand Daddy Purple that’s colorful and of medium density, going by the name of Grape Rock. The appearance alone is a feast for the eyes. With a fantastic purple hue and tons of orange hairs, the most noticeable quality of this bud is the bright white glittery trichomes that cover every inch of the flower like a fresh snowfall. Well-handled and neatly trimmed, Canna Pharm has done a great job in cultivating and processing this often finicky and notoriously low-yielding variety. 

As a Rhode Island native, I was excited to see this strain available at a local dispensary. I knew immediately that I wanted to get it before it sold out for the day! Grand Daddy Purple is the genetic ancestor of Grape Rock and gives me a strong feeling of nostalgia. It’s a rare and coveted strain that’s usually only harvested successfully by the most talented cultivators. I traveled about 30 minutes from where I live to Greenleaf Compassion Care Center, located in Portsmouth. Close to the famous Newport mansions and cute southern Rhode Island beaches, this dispensary has an air of sophistication without the ultra-modern and sometimes pretentious “Apple Store” vibes of others. 

Warm and welcoming, Greenleaf was a pleasure to visit and I was so glad that the strain I wanted was still available. Packaged in an all-black child-proof tube without much merchandising or fuss, I was a bit disappointed in the overall look, but you definitely can’t judge this book by its cover. Upon opening, I was immediately hit with the sweet grape smell and basement dankness that’s utterly unmistakable.

Grape Rock is a great strain to smoke when you want to tune out and relax, so I chose an evening at home while being very low-key and watching movies to test it out. The bud was well-cured and perfectly dense – not too light or too heavy, and broke up great for a joint. 

Smoking this flower transported me back to the days of nickels and dimes when I first encountered the grape basement terpenes that were so nostalgically pungent. The joint burned down slowly and evenly – very impressive for this sometimes dense and extra-sticky strain. After the first joint, I felt relaxed and plugged into the television, which only seemed to get more interesting and entertaining! This is the same effect that I love and remember – low, slow and calm. 

This article was originally published in the February 2022 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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