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Grease Bucket

from Denali Farms

Frostier than your ex’s heart.

Have you ever attempted to change your car’s oil by yourself and ended up ruining your clothes (and your pride) as you failed miserably? Yeah, us neither. We actually bought our white shirt pre-stained to be on trend for the spring. Joking aside, we’re hoping that Denali Farms’ iteration of Grease Bucket will stick around as long as a grease stain.

Grease Bucket has some rather famous parents – Garlic Cookies and Banana Punch – and their “opposite side of the olfactory tracks” relationship yields an indica-dominant hybrid with a seriously weedy flavor. The massive buds are loosely packed but frostier than your ex’s heart. Rubbing the firm buds in our fingers, we immediately noticed the sweet scent of brown sugar momentarily cutting through the bitter diesel. The sharp flavor we were expecting never came as we took our first toke. Instead, we were left with a fine coating of syrupy sweet sugar on our tongues.

Within seconds, our heads filled with a spacey high that was too intense for our Halo session – but perfect for Mario Kart. As the high intensified, so did our mental focus and before long we were dodging turtle shells with the deftness of an overweight house cat. Eventually, the tail end of the high reached our toes and put us in a pleasant state of couchlock without ever having to re-toke.

Currently only available at Denali Dispensaries in Anchorage, High Rise in Kodiak, Kusko Kush in Bethel, and Nome Grown in Nome, Grease Bucket can be a slippery strain to track down. But if you can get your hands on it … you’re in for a serious treat.

This article was originally published in the March 2022 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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