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from Compound Genetics

Tearing into the buds releases cooling Gelato notes, panna cotta and toasted sugar.

Candy and dessert profiles are nothing new in the Cannabis world, as sweetly-scented plants did a lot of heavy lifting during the clandestine closet grow days. The smell didn’t blow up the neighborhood but when it finished, it possessed all of the complex aromas we looked for in high-grade Cannabis … even if they were a bit subtle. Gummiez, bred by Compound Genetics and cultivated by Siren, takes the candy character we’ve grown to love and cranks it up to an 11. If the herb of the late ’90s was a subtle hint of grape and gas, Gummiez is like huffing a bag of Halloween candy.

Compound Genetics is known for staying ahead of trends with exceptional selections and when they introduced their reversed Jet Fuel Gelato pollen donor to a Peach Ringz mom, the resulting Gummiez was born. It is everything a sweets lover could ask for, with the Jet Fuel rounding out the sharp citrus from the Peach Ringz, keeping all of the sweet and tart top notes but offering up a more grape-forward profile.

Big grape candy aromas are present the moment the jar is cracked. If we count purple as a flavor, this is what it smells like: artificial grape drink mix, chalky Pez candy and a slightly medicinal but pleasing, sweetly herbal scent. Tearing into the buds releases cooling Gelato notes, panna cotta and toasted sugar. Twisting a gram through a grinder accentuates the aforementioned with an additional savory note of pressed hash and fennel pollen. 

Relatively sticky, breaking the flower down by hand separates meaty calyxes from dense buds. Dark green and studded with milky trichomes, tearing into the flower reveals interior pops of violet and little stem to set aside. The joint burns like a dream with smooth hits that carry a hint of the purple flavor on inhale. The effect is heavy-headed and spacey … take note of where you parked the car. 

Working with head grower Bob Conley, owners Matt and Megan have proven they can coax these off-the-chart highs out of subtle and sweet cultivars. Whether it’s the alluring song or a face-melting profile, they chose their farm name well. Trust us, if you hear the Siren, heed the call.

This article was originally published in the March 2022 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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