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Indian Gold

from Quintessence Farms

Covered in resinous trichomes that mimic the glitter of gold.

Quintessence Farms is home to Indian Gold – a flower that consistently tests high in terpenes and THC. Regardless of if you’re a visitor or a local, this is a strain to be experienced. Bred in Indian, Alaska, it is truly a treasure that lives up to its namesake – covered in resinous trichomes that mimic the glitter of gold.

Indian Gold’s terpene profile brings a complexity that’s evident as soon as the King Street glass jar is popped. I’m immediately hit with the commingling of spicy b-caryophyllene with b-myrcene – two terps that make a great pair. There’s also a beautiful citrus note from the limonene shining through to round out the olfactory dankness. 

After taking in the aroma of Indian Gold, I began to pick the flower apart with my fingers and filled my bowl. Sitting in my kitchen with some of my closest friends, we were all exhausted from a long day. As the smell wafted through the air, even my friends who don’t normally partake were intrigued by the aroma taking over the room – curious of what I had going on in my bong. We passed it around and as we did, the effects took a noticeable hold on all of us. We went from a bunch of tired souls without any spark, to a group of friends that couldn’t help but laugh at each other. The euphoria felt like an indica-leaning hybrid – I truly just felt happy and uplifted, but with a body high that allowed me to still take it easy. 

We spent the next 20 minutes making fun of one another. Hands down, this was probably one of the best strains I have shared with a group of friends. The stage was set and this flower just propelled us into having a great evening full of laughs with no anxiety. And when it was time for bed, it was easy to drift off to sleep.  

Given that Indian Gold crosses Stardawg with Citrus Farmer, the aforementioned euphoria makes sense – kicking back with the Chemdawg vibes plus a healthy splash of citrus that brightens the mood. This is some absolutely golden ganja, and a strain I plan on buying again and again. 

This article was originally published in the October 2023 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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