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Isana Wilde Mintz

from Isana

Wilde Mintz is one of the few strains to test out with the terpenes to achieve a calming yet uplifting high.

Bursting onto the scene is a new brand called Isana that is exclusively sold at Remedy Maryland, where we find Wilde Mintz as one of their flagship cultivars they’ve launched in conjunction with their dispensary partners. This debut onto the market brings a soapy, fruity and floral character – one that is noticeably different and fairly uncommon on the market, as illustrated by the overall terpene profile. I am a huge proponent of getting to know yourself in relation to Cannabis terpenes, and the Isana Wilde Mintz is an excellent opportunity to explore a limonene/linalool dominant high. 

While these profiles are fairly uncommon, they are not unheard of, and generally serve as great mental health Cannabis. This is due largely to the synergies that limonene and linalool provide to the THC entourage effect, with linalool acting as an anxiolytic compound and limonene being a bit of a serotonin dump. Together they form a euphoric and calm high. As an anxiety-ridden person myself, I am constantly looking for cultivars high in linalool. Why not add in a bit of limonene-infused sunshine while I’m at it? My search for a calming yet uplifting high has been ongoing, and Wilde Mintz is one of the few to test out with the terpenes up to the task.

Even if you aren’t particularly looking for a limonene/linalool effect for your symptom relief, it is still worth exploring as a palate-expanding exercise. As we all strive to understand our market better and the quality available to us, we must acknowledge the vast array of possibilities the Cannabis plant presents. The Wilde Mintz is an uncommon profile, and taking the time to experience new tapestries of terpenes is essential to your ability to find the right Cannabis to meet your individual needs. Isana promises to be one of the more exclusive brands on the market as they’re only available at one dispensary, so grab some Wilde Mintz while you have the chance.


This article was originally published in the February 2023 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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