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It’s It and a Cup of Cold Brew

from Guest Services

The combination of cold brew's caffeine and the 22.41% THC found in It's It means that the high hits hard and fast.

Anchorage’s newest hotspot, Cafecito Bonito, is already known for its horchata lattes, cafe de olla and agua de Jamaica, but owner Star Rodriguez-Northcutt pulled out all the stops for our June pairing with Guest Services’ It’s It. Affectionately named Crema de Tequila Cold Brew, Rodriguez-Northcutt’s custom drink features a Mexican Chiapas cold brew roasted by local coffee company Uncle Leroy’s Coffee. Unlike traditional coffee, the cold brew is smooth with a slightly fruity aftertaste that cuts through any bitterness. However, the real star of the show is the drink’s cold foam topper, splashed with a hint of Crema de Tequila agave syrup. The foam’s consistency is akin to Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme and is so good, you might have fantasies of diving into a pool filled with it.

When it came to pairing this beauty of a drink, we knew we would have to bring out the heavy hitters. This is why we knew we had a winner in It’s It from Guest Services in the Valley. Combining the genetics of Gelato 45 and Mint Chocolate Chip, this flower is sure to bring a smile to your face from the first sniff to the last puff.

Popping open the canister, the first smell that hits you is a sweet, fruity aroma with subtle hints of mint, cream and pine. Follow that first deep inhale with a swig of the cold brew, and you may find yourself in nirvana.

On the first draw, the sweetness of the strain takes front and center. As you inhale, the sweetness slowly gives way to the acidic, fruity side of the strain. Upon exhale, the flower then gives a nod to the other half of its parentage, as you are left with a minty aftertaste tingling the back of your throat. The flower’s hearty bud structure breaks perfectly into smaller pieces that will leave little waste behind, so you can enjoy every last bit.

But tread carefully when trying this pairing. The combination of cold brew’s caffeine and the 22.41% THC found in It’s It means that the high hits hard and fast. Within moments of your first toke, you will start to feel another-worldliness in your head. Don’t worry – it’s not a bad episode of Ancient Aliens – it’s just the pairing working its magic. Although, we can’t promise that you won’t blast off into orbit when the high fully sinks in.

This article was originally published in the June 2021 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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