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Not only is the flower pungent in the jar, after grinding up a joint the room held a sillage of funk.

This month we’re grinding up Jealousy, cultivated by Local Variety. With an exaggerated Bacio profile, loud nose, and full-on midnight purple calyxes, this striking cultivar is a threat on all fronts.  

Created by Seed Junky, a renowned breeder in California, Jealousy is a cross between Gelato 41 and a Sherbet bx1. Though this sounds like a reinforced mash-up of two popular flavors, the result is more than the sum of its parts. Gelato 41, dubbed the “Bacio” pheno, is a nod to the gelateria flavor – a mix of milk chocolate and hazelnut. The frozen treat goes by Bacio, though the direct translation is “kiss” in Italian. 

Loud creamy Gelato flavors are present the moment the jar is opened. While a savory base note of dark cocoa powder fills the room as the buds take a whirl in the grinder, notes of whipped cream and diesel betray the Sherb lineage. Pulling on an unlit joint carries rich sugar cookie flavors with hints of that recognizable OG profile. When lit, the flavors expand and add some subtle citrus notes to the mix.

Though the color here is deep dark purple down to the stem, the widely held belief that strictly purple weed lacks potency simply isn’t the case here. After a joint, the effect feels heavy behind the eyes. Muscles relax and stress melts away, as well as any thought of my to-do list.

Talking about this unique cultivar, the crew over at Local Variety knew they had a space for Jealousy in their garden from the moment they locked eyes on it. With other attention-grabbing cultivars such as Sugar Cone (which smells exactly like a fresh-baked waffle cone) in their roster, it takes something that stands out to earn a spot in the Local Variety line up. 

Not only is the flower pungent in the jar, after grinding up a joint the room held a sillage of funk for long after the joint was gone. This isn’t the sort of flower that you can subtly toke on your lunch break. In fact, this flower is better shared with a fellow connoisseur or not shared at all, tucked away in your head stash for a solo dinner and a movie night.

Though Jealousy is an excellent name for an all-purple, high testing, pungent powerhouse, perhaps more fitting would be Envy. Even in a tight, competitive market, flower with this much charisma is going to stand out. Expect covetous stares from your fellow pot-snobs doing their best to stay ahead of the trends, and seek out something truly interesting for the next sesh.

This article was originally published in the December 2021 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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