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Juicee J

from Strane

A distinct headspace that is notably clear-headed, euphoric and calm.

Juicee J from the Strane Reserve line is the perfect cultivar to usher in the new year and hasten the glorious lengthening of the day and warming of the season. Many of us could use a bit of sunshine in the dead of winter and the cultivators at Strane really pulled out all the stops to give us some truly potent sunshine for battling the last thrashings of winter. With the cold weather and low light levels, I often find my mood struggling … but after a few puffs of Juicee J, it’s as if the confidence and positivity of a warm summer day envelops my mind – blasting out the blues of SAD with a vibrant dose of terps and THC.

The terpene profile teased out by the cultivators at Strane is an exquisite representation of the symphony of phytochemicals our beloved Cannabis is capable of producing. At the top of the hydrocarbon cascade is a generous 1.09% limonene, followed by a robust temper of .62% pinene, .57% caryophyllene and .4% linalool, rounding out into one of the more ethereal and euphoric highs on the market today. Juicee J produces a distinct headspace that is notably clear-headed, euphoric and calm. Honestly, it’s everything you need to get through your day – and dare I say your winter?

As if the rare terpene profile wasn’t enticing enough, a quick jar pop revealed the Juicee J nug itself: an absolute chonker that was an eighth all on its own. The trichome density was distinct to say the least – both beautiful and entrancing to lay eyes upon – but it was the aroma that captured my senses. I would describe Juicee J as a gas-powered bouquet of fruitiness that’s sweet like candy. For me, it’s like a piece of Starburst-flavored Juicy Fruit gum dipped in some Zippo lighter fluid, then cured in a grassy meadow. Every toke initiated a cycle of fruity candy, robust diesel and floral backdrops that seemed to spiral me into the cheery headspace I needed for these cold and dreary days. As my mind turns towards spring, I’m thankful for the Juicee J I have rolled up that promises me nothing but a bright mood during the darkest days.

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This article was originally published in the February 2024 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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