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Leftovers #2 and #11

from Luvli

Both phenotypes have the same winning traits that make this flower jump off the shelf.

Luvli, now 10 years into cultivating Cannabis for the recreational market, has been known to bring those full-flavored and funky strains to dispensary shelves. After catching a glimpse of the growing popularity of GMO, they knew they had to get out ahead of the trend and find something that hit that profile … but somehow stood out on its own.

Enter: Leftovers. This GMO x Biscotti Sundae cross was created by the renowned breeder, Cannarado. Bringing these two opposite profiles together presented the potential for something bigger, or possibly, a musky mess with no real defining scent. But two years into the project produced a couple of winners: Leftovers #2 and Leftovers #11. 

Both phenotypes have the same winning traits that make this flower jump off the shelf. Thumb-length, well-trimmed buds fill the jar with pops of midnight purple and reflective trichomes. Cracking the jar scents the air with an aroma that is funk forward and GMO leaning, with an amplified Cookie scent. For the uninitiated, GMO tends to turn heads and noses with an earthy garlic and fuel-focused profile. Leftovers, on the other hand, possesses all of the pungency we expect out of a GMO cross, plus a delicately balanced sweetness.

Upon tearing into the buds, the #2 selection has more of the nose-wrinkling funk, with an earthy sharp top note that’s reminiscent of a tomato vine in the summer heat. Bright and vegetal, this profile leans toward those clean rainwater and garden-fresh scents that remind me of a good OG. And there’s just enough burnt rubber and aged garlic scent here to fulfill any funky craving.

One jar over, the #11 selection distinguishes itself with a sweeter, more buttery profile. Of course, the funk is there front and center – but there’s also a lingering dessert scent featuring shortbread with a hint of citrus. Where the other selection has those bright tart notes, this pheno catches my attention for being just a bit more subtle. Diving deeper, there are notes of creamy and cool Gelato.

The effects, while similar, differ a little. The #2 has that pronounced, heavy-behind-the-eyes relaxation that encourages sinking deep into the couch. Smoking a similar-sized joint of the #11 is a little more functional but not by much – perfect for kicking back and watching comedies, or just cracking jokes with friends in between bong rips. If there’s a winner to declare in this fight, it’s the customer that is lucky enough to find a jar of Leftovers on the dispensary’s shelf. 

This article was originally published in the October 2021 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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