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Lemon Royale Flower, Live Hash Rosin Badder and Live Budder

from Echo Electuary

The Lemon Royale bred by Swampboy Seeds was passed on to Echo Electuary by the flavor-chasing crew at Eastwood Gardens.

For our Concentrates and Extracts Issue, we’ve decided to explore an exclusive look at Echo Electuary’s supreme Lemon Royale to see how this cross of Lemon Tree with GMO and Triangle Kush shines in flower, as a live budder extract, and in (solventless) live hash rosin badder form. We’re celebrating all of the actual lemon scents, alongside concentrated candy flavors and the similarities and differences in each. Let’s dig in.


This flower smells like walking through a Pacific Northwest forest, finding a hidden lemon grove, and realizing it’s smack dab in the middle of skunk mating season – layered lemon aromas with undeniable gas and funky flavors just beneath. The heightened lemon peel at the forefront and a loud pine forest middle with hints of greasy funk as a base note have us drooling.

The flower breaks down like a dream – exposing trichomes coating every conceivable surface of the buds and scenting the room with an overabundance of citrus as it spins around in the grinder. Showing off an excellent cure, this sticky flower handily makes joint rolling a breeze. Slow-burning and highly aromatic, the Lemon Royale’s ember glows steadily and provides a buzzy, euphoric high.

Live Budder Extract

The light caramel-colored oil showcases an entire rainbow of candy flavors that make Lemon Royale a standout. Picture juicy, sugar-coated lemon and orange jelly candies and you’re halfway there. Warm woods, dripping pine sap and sweetened funk comprise the rest of the profile in the jar.

The budder is dense but lively, dancing like panna cotta on the end of a dab tool. Once it hits the warmed quartz it melts like a dream, expanding on the nail into a cloud of bright flavors and mood-elevating effects with a quick onset. The expertise of the extraction is apparent in the complex balance of candy and gas flavors mingling in each low-temp dab.

Live Hash Rosin Badder

Fresh from the fridge, this taffy-textured oil reeks of Starburst candies layered over nose-wrinkling funk. As it warms, more savory-leaning aromas compete with the exceptionally loud candied-lemon-peel flavors at the forefront – creating a mouth-watering wallop of flavor.

Potent even at low temperatures, this oil hits the quartz and immediately shifts the mood. Chatty and lively. Each draw hits hard and builds on the last to foster a relaxed but focused effect. 

The Lemon Royale bred by Swampboy Seeds was passed on to Echo Electuary by the flavor-chasing crew at Eastwood Gardens. Echo has been doing it justice ever since, filing rows of their greenhouses and cultivating flower destined for the top shelf extraction and concentration. Now, fans can keep an eye on their brand new Eugene dispensary – Hive Cannabis Connect – for the release of Echo Electuary flower. 

Lineage: Lemon Tree x (GMO x Triangle Kush)

Top Terpenes: β-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, β-Myrcene, α-Humulene

EchoElectuary.com | @echo_electuary | @echofinca | @echo.hive

This article was originally published in the July 2023 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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