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Louis VuChron Don

from Louis VuChron

Raw garlic and earthy wild onion scents settle over notes of under-ripe peach and chalky banana candies.

This month, we’re diving into Louis VuChron Don: good news for those of us who sat in the back of the class sniffing markers. This potent herb is nose-deafeningly loud with a sweet, Chem-forward aroma. In short, opening a jar of Louis Vuchron’s selection of Don Mega smells like you’ve been up all night eating candy and siphoning racing fuel.

We talked with the crew at Louis VuChron about selecting this heavy hitter. “Solfire Genetics based out of Washington is a super lit breeder! We have had a lot of success with their gear. Every seed pack [we’ve had from Solfire] has a wide variety of unique phenotypic expressions. We always find some HEAT!” 

“We had seven or so winners and decided to keep this phenotype based on a few key factors: smooth smoke and strong effects, nose-stinging aroma, uniform bud structure and vigorous growth,” the team told us. 

This winner in the garden translates well to the jar. The finished buds have violet-striped calyxes, dark in color even under a blanket of frosty trichomes. Occasional hints of lime green are revealed only by running the buds through a grinder.

At first, the aromas of permanent marker, rubber and oiled leather dominate the profile. On closer inspection, this cross of GMO and Black Banana shows off its funky and fruity lineage. Raw garlic and earthy wild onion scents settle over notes of under-ripe peach and chalky banana candies. Together, the bouquet reads as a complex mix of gas, funk, leather and fruit. As savory and evocative as Dad’s cologne, this memorable profile catches your attention the instant the lid is cracked.

Ideal for rolling a joint, this tacky herb has the proper moisture content to light easily and burn evenly. Though the candy flavors get lost in the inhale, the funk components are all fully present. Thick smoke hangs heavily in the air, and the effect carries a similar feeling – light enough to not get stuck to the couch, but relaxing to the point of not wanting to leave the house. This is ideal head stash herb, but with a scent so potent, expect to have difficulty hiding it from anyone who might want a taste.

louisvuchron.com | @louis.vuchron.pdx

This article was originally published in the December 2022 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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