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Lumpy Space Princess

from Rosebud Gardens

A familiar skunky funk rarely found in crosses these days.

If you’re getting stir crazy and looking for a nostalgic adventure to get you through the lockdown, Lumpy Space Princess brings that carefree yet spicy take on a familiar experience. Rosebud Growers hunted and selected this intoxicating combination of sweet berries and funky cheese from Solfire Gardens – a company founded in 2015 by a University of Washington biology student.

Solfire Gardens mixes their Black Banana Cookies, a popular cross of Blackberry Kush and Banana Fire Cookies, to Annunaki Genetics’ Pink Lemonade, a delectable blend of Lemon Cheesecake and Huckleberry Hound. 

Based in Portland, Rosebud Growers is comprised of a close-knit team that refers to themselves only as the Rosebud Bandits, preferring to keep their personal lives low-key in favor of the brand’s unified identity. The company seeks only the best genetics, keeping a close eye on exotic and exclusive lineages from respected breeders in the industry. 

Their indoor facilities use rock wool cubes as a controlled medium, making themselves able to maximize the flow of nutrients to the plants, ensuring the best results – with the consistency and yield to match. Keeping this ever-evolving theme in mind, Rosebud provides patients with high quality products like LSP while striving to better themselves with each day that passes. 

Rosebud cultivated and cured this flower to perfection with a classic chunky structure that easily breaks apart without being too dry or sticky. Though the strain is a natural light green, a purple and silver sheen immediately catches the eye with its colorful hues and beautiful frost, even throwing out pink pistils when it’s still growing. The LSP’s dense, trichome-rich composition pays homage to its Bubba Kush and Banana lineage, with a nose reminding the consumer of the Pink Lemonade’s spicy candy and sweet berry profile. Like freshly ground pepper atop a gooey lemon berry cheesecake, this unique terpene profile features mainly myrcene, limonene and farnesene, giving notes of hops, spice, berries and funk – all packed with perfection into one exclusive strain.

The LSP’s nose initially translates into the taste, but stronger notes of deep earthy cheese end up overpowering the sweet flavors on the final exhale. Sharp cheese slices through citrusy berry, leaving consumers with a mouthwatering taste of a charcuterie board on a cool summer afternoon. That familiar skunky funk is something rarely found in crosses these days, and this new twist on an old school profile by Rosebud Growers and Solfire Gardens will please the old heads while still captivating the new explorers. 

Right in line with its quality looks and taste, the high provided by this cross is something adventurous in and of itself. There’s something to be said for a skunky-sweet profile and the physical effects are just as masterful. A classic head high that partners with body relaxation makes this strain perfect for alleviating anxiety or melting away daily tension. But potential consumers beware: This adventurous princess may swoop you off your feet a little faster than you’d expect with her sweet charm but spicy personality.

This article was originally published in the December 2020 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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