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from Canna Provisions

Sure to impress flavor hounds and connoisseurs looking for a bit of that West Coast sweetness with their Mass gas.

Seeing Massmosa live and flowering in its home of Sheffield, Massachusetts in the Berkshires, is a vision to behold. 

At only 30 days or so in, it displays attributes of a plant much further along in the grow cycle, and for that matter, shows odd characteristics including the hyper-concentration of bud clusters and sugar leaves jetting out in unusual places. To some, it would sound like you’ve got a worrisome x-factor to keep an eye on. To Johnny Greenfingaz, Director of Grow Operations for Canna Provisions, it’s all part of bringing Massmosa to Massachusetts. 

“I went through hundreds of phenotypes to find one that hit just the right notes,” he says. “Out of all of them, the only one I found that had the perfect showing of sweet flavor, best yields, easiest buds to manicure, is the one we’re dropping. It just blew every other one away.”

But the real test, he says, was once they commercially produced it. Would it land with the grow team, including the originator of the Chemdog strain family and Cultivation Director Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski? In the words of Greenfingaz: “It quickly became everyone’s fave smoke in the grow, the key go-to.”

All of which signals this may be one of the new strain stunners coming out of the blossoming Massachusetts cultivation scene, and one sure to cause flavor hounds and connoisseurs who are looking for a bit of that West Coast sweetness with their Mass gas, to come from far and wide to land some of this coveted Smash Hits new classic. 

Hailing from a lineage boasting Clementine and Purple Punch as parents, you get a plant reeking of sugar fruit and citrus frosting, and lots of an ethereal but solid plumage of gas, earthy lavender, and overripe clementines ripped open under crisp mountain rain. Dried buds are often similar in size before being manicured, and those gorgeous trichome-thick flowers bring hybrid effects that are fast and welcoming. Think a mishmash of wake-and-bake uplift and heady euphoric highs, as well as a supercharged creative spirit – leaving any anxiety or paranoia at the door opened by the high terpene value and rich limonene, pinene, caryophyllene and myrcene represented across the entire consumption experience. 

For anyone in the Massachusetts market, the upside is there will be only one place in the state to land it: Canna Provisions in Lee or Holyoke (Smash Hits is their exclusive brand). For anyone else, two words for you… 

Road trip.

This article was originally published in the November 2021 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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