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Midnight Circus

from Evermore Cannabis Company

An electrical jolt of terpenes that are responsible for some of the most uplifting and euphoric cerebral spaces.

Holy limonene dream! Evermore’s Midnight Circus is one of the most interesting, useful and all-around vibrant, mood-elevating cultivars on the market today. Now, if you’re into high quality Cannabis, then you’re already aware of the many top-shelf varieties that Evermore produces – but this profile still manages to put on quite a standout show. 

What makes a Cannabis effect different, unique or nuanced, is of course the terpene profile that entourages with the cannabinoids to produce the headspaces and symptom relief we desire. I like to spend my days on the hunt for rare profiles that break the mold of the typical highs we’ve come to expect from Cannabis, often referring to the strain’s myrcene content (the most common terp found in the plant and known for classically stoney effects) as my first indicator. Finding a low-myrcene content cultivar can be a challenge, but it allows the other terpenes to shine without being blotted out by any cloudiness. 

Midnight Circus is not only quite low in myrcene, it is an electrical jolt of terpenes that are responsible for some of the most uplifting and euphoric cerebral spaces Cannabis can offer. With limonene, caryophyllene, linalool and pinene leading the way, this strain is a burst of brightness that translates into a quintessential daytime high with a heady functionality. I may have found the mental health booster of my dreams, as smoking a joint or two revealed a high that was absolutely clear-headed and euphoric, but stops before crossing into the manic realm. So as the colder months descend upon us, keep the Midnight Circus in mind as a way to inject a little sunshine into your world … one toke at a time.   

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This article was originally published in the November 2023 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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