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from A Golden State

Squeezing one releases a blast of something sugary … but then electrifying on your nostrils. 

If Wes Anderson ran a dispensary, he’d sell A Golden State. Watered using snowmelt runoff from Mt. Shasta, their simple but elegant eighth boxes feature a striking color palette that’s straight out of “The Life Aquatic” or “Grand Budapest Hotel.” We’ve been watching this brand push out tasty strains since 2019 and though Moonbeam is the latest addition to their lineup, it’s already taken home a coveted spot in the upcoming Transbay Challenge box set. 

Labeled a “subtle indica,” Moonbeam takes Rainbow Belts 2.0 and stacks on a Purple Urkle phenotype from 2007 called Purple Pineapple. A Golden State told Leaf Magazine their Co-Founder and Chief of Cultivation, Bear Masterson, “has a long history with the Purple Pineapple female from his pre-recreational days.” After finally managing to track down the cut from an old friend, he used it in the indica breeding project which created Moonbeam – the eighth in a set of 100 seeds they tested.

This strain feels perfect for those warm summer nights – light enough that you won’t fall asleep after the joint burns down, but strong enough to make you forget how hot it is. I kept calling this California Bluegrass because of the almost bluish tint to the purple and green tones on the bud. Squeezing one releases a blast of something sugary … but then electrifying on your nostrils. 

The Purple Pineapple helps to add a more complex aroma to the strain, making Rainbow Belts have to duck and weave to get in and land a punch with those nose-stinging terps. On the grind, that aroma is an intense grape and citrus combo delivering a shockwave to your sinuses.

Not a hold-your-breath kind of strain, Moonbeam expands in the lungs. The dry inhale is heavy on the citrus and sugar from the Purple Pineapple, and most of the Rainbow Belts bite gets left in the dust. As you keep smoking, a fruity, slightly smoky earthiness comes in. On that final breath of the joint, a burst of sweetness passes through like the sudden flash when the sun dips over the horizon.

agoldenstate.com | @agoldenstate

32.50% THC | 0.05% CBD | 33.60% Total Cannabinoids | 2.35% Total Terpenes | Limonene, Linalool, Caryophyllene, Pinene

Lineage: Moonbeam (Purple Pineapple x Rainbow Belts 2.0)

This article was originally published in the August 2023 issue of California Leaf.

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