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Moonbow 112

from Archive

Spacey and mood-lifting, Moonbow has an incredibly high ceiling… the effects seem to compound with no plateau.

Moonbow’s reputation precedes it. As an exceptional cross of Zkittlez x Do-Si-Dos, its lineage lingers long after the joint hits your lips. Put simply, this cultivar delivers. Flavor, potency, structure and bag appeal are all top tier – and when it comes to the #112 phenotype – these traits are exaggerated and oozing with personality. 

Moonbow #112 is Archive’s winner in a large selection focused on flower quality. In all, two expressions made the cut for the shelves. The popular #99 phenotype, which leans more toward the doughy bakery scents of Do-Si-Dos, and the #112 with more of the Zkittlez nose – a pleasing and punchy buzz that’s half fruit and half nose-tickling gasoline. 

This eighth of Moonbow off the shelves was packed into a slick die-cut mylar featuring Archive’s signature yellow alongside a rainbow of greens and oranges. Inside is nothing but chunky bright green buds absolutely coated in silver trichomes. Seconds after tearing into the bag, the entire room is perfumed with an indulgent, doughnut-sweet scent.

The rather tight bud structure breaks open to reveal bits of subdued violet and dark green, glistening calyxes. In the jar, this herb has an intense aroma – but breaking it up by hand is nearly eye-watering. Loud only begins to describe this flower. Leading with gas, sugar cookie dough and candy scents, this profile really pops when you dig a little below the surface to experience the plethora of complex cedar, licorice, lime and blackberry notes. Its dessert-forward fragrance immediately snags my attention and there’s more to dig into every time the jar is cracked.

Well-cured, the herb breaks down easily and evenly, with a burn just as perfect – the wafting smoke sweetly scenting the area with vanilla and familiar cookie aromas, while the effect sets in quickly. Spacey and mood-lifting, Moonbow has an incredibly high ceiling. The more you enjoy it, the more the effects seem to compound with no plateau. Great for clearing your mind after a long day … or sitting in front of the bong with your sights firmly set on outer space.

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This article was originally published in the April 2023 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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