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Mule Fuel

from Belushi’s Farm

Gas heads and connoisseurs alike should puff on this smoke for a wonderfully palatable experience.

SunMed growers secured the right to cultivate one of Cannabis culture’s great celebrity advocate brands, Belushi’s Farm, and have come right out of the gate with the heavily delicious Mule Fuel cultivar. Mule Fuel, a cross between GMO and Mendo Montage, is one of the most Myrcene dominant cultivars to hit the Maryland market in quite some time. Lovers of the heavier side of the Cannabis terpene spectrum will flock to Mule Fuel’s robust Myrcene profile for all its gassy glory.

When I say gassy, I am not being flippant. With over 50% Myrcene content in this terp profile, Mule Fuel exudes diesel and fuel notes all over the olfactory system. As one takes the time to waft the jar of nugs to fully examine the aroma, the Fuel breaks open to reveal cedar and citrus notes that pop like twinkling stars in a gaseous universe. Gas heads and connoisseurs alike should puff on this smoke for a wonderfully palatable experience. 

And what an experience it is. This cultivar is not for the energetic at heart. The dominance of Myrcene lends itself to the heaviest side of the spectrum, offering users a comfortable couched experience that heals the mind and body. As a chronic pain baby myself, I actively seek out some of the heaviest Myrcene profiles I can find because they, quite frankly, make some of the most potent pain-relieving effects. SunMed’s Mule Fuel is just such potent medicine and is a wonderful addition to any patient’s or toker’s stash box.

This article was originally published in the July 2024 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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