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Onion Rings (GMO X Banana Sniffles)

from Frost Frontier

This unique and super frosty cross delivers fruity-with-funky flavors in a perfect homage to the humble onion ring.

It’s fair food season, and at the risk of making a bad pun, it’s fair to say that while you wouldn’t want to dip these Onion Rings buds in ketchup or ranch, the powerful indica effects will lead to creative condiment use when the munchies take hold.

The intersection between food and weed has always been complicated, with strains that smell and taste like foods, named after things that they have no literal connection with. Then there’s the munchies connection: Naturally making all weed a food enhancer, especially when mixing the two experiences together. With this love for food and weed in mind, we had to try out the new lineup of foody strains bred by the team at Frost Frontier.

Our old school AK Leaf readers might remember an early magazine cover with Frost’s Bubble Berry featured prominently (we can attest to the fact that the incredible weed and genetic mixing that birthed the Onion Rings has a deserved legacy going back a decade. This unique and super frosty cross of GMO and Banana Sniffles delivers fruity-with-funky flavors in a perfect homage to the humble onion ring that has been enjoyed by stoners and foodies since the first dip into a fryer in 1933.

But enough about food! We’re here for the weed, and popping open a jar of Onion Rings releases a powerful rush of sour funk and greasy GMO that dominates the senses. It takes a few seconds of breaking up the weed before the aromatic sweetness of the creamy, lemony bananas emerges from the funk. Loading a bowl reveals perfectly cured buds with a satisfying snap, and light green and purple colors blend in with a ton of frost.

First tokes have a sweet tanginess to the smoke that’s eerily reminiscent of a sweet onion … exhaling with a burst of funk that lingers on the palate with a hint of garlic skunk that sets the mouth to salivating. From an indica lover’s perspective, this strain is perfect: loud and sour, and with effects that slap the frontal lobes instantly in a heady rush. Within minutes of finishing a bowl our thoughts were slowed, melting the mind into a puddled body of stoned bliss, relaxing muscles and sending a familiar gurgle to our tummies. 

It might sound stereotypical, but this strain delivers the munchies on a silver platter – with the perfect half-coherent stoney mindset it takes to dive into a fridge and create a masterpiece of leftovers and random treats. But if we had our choice, we’d definitely smoke this strain before a trip to a tasty eatery … because there’s no better experience than smoking Onion Rings before eating.

frostfarming.com | @frostfarming

This article was originally published in the June 2023 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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