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from RockHardNugz

Coated in enough trichomes to make them sparkle in the sunlight.

When RockHardNugz cultivator Josie Gustafson’s newest strain, PinkSugarCookies, was tested in-house, she was worried about low numbers. But then she smoked her first harvested bud and she knew she had a winner. After trying it for ourselves, we’d have to agree.

First off, this is a beautiful strain to behold. The purple-tinged buds are smothered in long red hairs and coated in enough trichomes to make them sparkle in the sunlight. Immaculately cured, they broke apart perfectly and left a sticky residue on our fingers that only made our anticipation grow, while licking our fingers was reminiscent of licking the batter out of the bowl after making a batch of cookies. Yes, we were stoked to toke.

A mix of citrus and floral nuances were pleasing to the palate upon the initial inhale, and by exhalation, the already wonderful flavor picked up just a hint of spice that felt like a favor we didn’t expect. It was the icing on the cookie so to speak.

PinkSugarCookies tested at a somewhat modest 17.95% THC, which allows the terps to take centerstage. And the numbers don’t lie: Limonene at 7.23mg/g, b-Caryophyllene at 4.58mg/g, and a total terp profile of 25.2 mg/g or 2.52%. All those terps combined sent a wash of feel good vibes from head to toe. As the high developed, it lulled us into a heady euphoria. Even after several hours, the high hadn’t fully subsided – making it very easy to reset it with a fresh bowl. As expected, the second bowl also hit hard without any discernible loss of potency.

As you may have guessed, this hybrid is best saved for days when you have nothing else to do but chill. Otherwise, you might end up like us and spend 30 minutes trying to decide the best way to fold a t-shirt (instead of actually doing the laundry).

This article was originally published in the May 2022 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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