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from Wood Wide High Craft

The PleaZure puts on a master class and demonstrates what a candy-funk profile should taste like.

Mendocino County’s Wood Wide High Craft has been making waves from the moment they arrived on the scene in the fall of 2022. One of the region’s only indoor cultivators, they have been ripping through harvests and delivering incredible quality for such a young brand. And one of the first cultivars to come out of their newly-licensed, state-of-the-art facility netted them a big win: the award for highest terpene content for flower at the 2022 Emerald Cup. Going by the name PleaZure, the strain was selected from a single pack of seeds gifted to the team at Wood Wide by John at Crane City. 

The buds are a classic light-green hue and sport a shimmering coat of dense, sticky trichomes, interspersed with bright orange hairs. The nugs themselves are moderately chunky with a very slight sponginess to them – there’s a touch of moisture left, which is a good indication that the flowers are nice and fresh.

The waves of terps off-gassing from a freshly-milled gram of PleaZure are intensely aromatic and deliver a deeply satisfying candy, fruit-and-funk nose that does a masterful job of splitting the difference between the three flavor profiles. The aroma leads with freshly-zested lime over candied oranges, peach rings and golden raspberry – before giving way to a funky, cheesy affair.

Sparking up a hand-rolled joint produces a moderately expansive smoke that’s bursting at the seams with flavors of sugary-sweet fruit intertwined with a musky, wet, horse blanket funk. A distinct departure from the most-hyped cultivars of the day which are candy-gas driven, the PleaZure puts on a master class and demonstrates what a candy-funk profile should taste like.

After delivering some fantastic offerings to date, we’re keeping our eyes on Wood Wide High Craft to see what flavors they roll out as they continue to build a reputation for quality in a market filled with quantity.

Genetics: Dweebz x ZHit

Testing:  28.3% THC | 2.5% Terps

This article was originally published in the March 2023 issue of California Leaf.

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