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Poochie Love

from Culta

The Culta cultivation crew was able to produce a batch testing at 4.13% total terpenes!

This month’s featured flower hails from a house of rare genetic lineages cultivated from the early days of the Pacific Northwest scene, retained and bred further by Archive Seed Bank. Culta’s Poochie Love, a cross between the illustrious Pacific Northwest Dogshit and a particularly prosperous Faceoff OG stud, harmoniously synergizes a strong partnership between the heavy-handed myrcene and the clear-headed pinene terpenes in a way that produces robust pain relief and a buoyant high.

The Culta cultivation crew was able to produce a batch testing at 4.13% total terpenes, which is simply an outstanding terpene concentration anyway you slice it. The predominant terpenes are myrcene at 1.53% and pinene at 1.3%, followed up by a temper of .32% limonene, .26% caryophyllene and .15% linalool. Its parent, Pacific Northwest Dogshit, has been one of the more rare and specialty varieties of the old heads that truly embodies some of the dankest skunk to ever funk. Earning its namesake, the variety has a notorious odor that connoisseurs adore, while others tend to shy away.

Reading about Poochie will tell you that it has a spicy and earthy type of aroma, but for me, the glorious funk of this genetic is the strong cheesy smell. This batch provided me with a whiff reminiscent of Velveeta cheese powder, oregano, moss and pepper, which was so pronounced that I had to do a double-take to see if I had bought some weed or some mac and cheese! The layers of earthy, herbal smells commingle in the background – cycling through to take their turn to trigger an olfactory receptor. 

The high hits you quick and the relief is present almost immediately, however, that large dollop of pinene really keeps the stoney headspace that myrcene is known for from overpowering the experience. Indeed, I felt quite clear-headed with an excellent presence of mind that lasted for hours off one joint. The potency of the cannabinoids, synergized with the very powerful terpene profile, pushes the Poochie Love experience longer than I get from other strains, and in a way that allows me to experience a joyful and stress-free day. This strain has nothing but love to give your tired body or uneasy mind, and in a way that is sustainable for any job or daytime routine that could come about.

This article was originally published in the October 2021 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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