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Purple Chem

from Mammoth Inc.

"A must-puff for gas lovers."

You could argue that Purple Chem is currently the most coveted strain in Rhode Island. Blessed are my lungs because thanks to one of Little Rhody’s own cultivation centers, Mammoth Inc., I had the opportunity to try some of their P. Chem that is sold in our local 401 dispensaries. 

Sticky, dense buds are absolutely caked in resin – almost as if the flowers were rolled in sugar. A proper specimen and representation of this strain bred by The Cali Connection, this is certainly one of the more well-grown and exotic versions of Purple Chem. Lavender-hued calyxes are stacked and swollen, embedded with brick-red hairs. Connoisseurs love the golf ball sized nuggets – just a few buds will take up your whole jar.  

Purple Chem’s scent and terpene profile is unmistakable. This is the real thing – aromas of musky grape overtake you, carried by tones of diesel petroleum fuel that sends you on a terpene rollercoaster ride. A must-puff for the gas lovers around here, its lineage adds a nice twist on the palate with true old-school grape flavor. 

This is one of the best indica strains around and it’s no wonder that, almost a decade after its debut, Purple Chem still blooms under lights all over the land. Its heavy sedative effect is perfect for someone looking to escape their daily chronic pain, while retaining the ability to eliminate anxiety and stimulate appetite. For those with a lower tolerance, this is not the strain for you if you’re trying to be productive. You will undoubtedly find yourself glued to the couch! 

Mammoth’s Purple Chem is available for purchase at Summit and Greenleaf Compassion Center in Rhode Island. Testing at over 25% THC, this is a powerhouse indica with great flavor. As long as you have a valid medical Cannabis card from any state, you can visit the 401 and grab some of this headstash for yourself. 

Lineage: Pre-98 Bubba X Original Chem 91 Skunk VA cut

Cultivator: Mammoth Inc. | mammothinc.com | @mammoth_vip @mammothmelts 

This article was originally published in the January 2021 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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