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Raymond Berry Runtz

from Grassroots Cannabis

The fruitiness is an all-encompassing mixed-berry ode to its Runtz lineage.

Grassroots Raymond Berry Runtz is the mellow way to push through a second winter and float on into a gentle spring. Not only is this cultivar a stellar bouquet of berry goodness, but it is also one of the more potent medicinal varieties available in Maryland. 

Taking a look at the terpenes, Raymond Berry Runtz features a rather respectable 2.42% total terps and is quite frankly one of my personal favorite profiles – ever. Coming in with a slightly dominant linalool concentration, followed up by an even-tempered caryophyllene and limonene, then chased by just a dollop of myrcene, this strain truly offers the Maryland market a rare smoking experience. As all connoisseurs know, Cannabis is capable of producing a very wide array of terpene profiles, but they do tend to be found in similar groups. The linalool/caryophyllene/limonene stack is more or less like hitting the terp lottery. 

Naturally, it isn’t all about the numbers – it’s about the effects those numbers have on us as biochemically sensitive organisms smoking our way through life. Linalool dominant profiles are my go-to medicine for all of my anxiety needs, as it is one of the more anxiolytic terpenes Cannabis can produce. But the sedating and calming effects of caryophyllene and myrcene, coupled with enough limonene to keep my mood and energy up, makes the Raymond Berry Runtz a true delight to toke on. 

The aromas of the Raymond Berry Runtz are as delectable as to be expected, with powerful wafts of candied fruits and Pine Sol undertones dripping from the dense, berry-purple nugs. The fruitiness is an all-encompassing mixed-berry ode to its Runtz lineage – coalescing like a bag of fresh candy. The Pine Sol is subtle but absolutely accentuates the strain’s true mother-watering, berry-esque flavor. 

So, calling all connoisseurs! This tremendous cultivar is a shining example of top-shelf Cannabis from the team at Grassroots deserving of your attention – and perhaps even a special place in your headstash. 


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