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Royal Key Velvet N°5

from Royal Key Organics

What starts with a dry pull that’s all Berry Bubble Yum, switches gears to a rich, smoky flavor without missing a beat.

Six hundred and ninety-nine plants. That’s how many testers Velvet N°5 had to beat out in order to become part of Royal Key’s newest strain collection. As owners Josh and Erin told us, “When you’re dealing with that many potential stars, it’s the outliers that tend to stand out.” In this case, a deep berry aroma first broke this off from the pack – solidifying its place by having a doughy and fuel-forward flavor which showed the most depth of the six keepers that’d survived the hunt. 

Along with hitters like Riddles and Gomishi, Velvet N°5 highlights the company’s work using Exotic Genetix’s Red Pop (Strawberry x Cookies n’ Cream) – this time crossing it with another stunner from the E.G catalog: Cake Mix (London Pound Cake x Wedding Cake). The smell has notes of currant, new car upholstery, and berries that are just starting to ferment. It’s that departure from the strawberry-scented crowd that pulled Velvet out of the testing garden and into production. 

Naming this new selection was actually a twist of fate. While traveling down the coast with samples, they titled the jar “VEL5” – an homage to the code on the plant’s state-required track-and-trace tag. When it came time to land on a title, their brains had already been playing ‘Words With Friends’ for weeks. 

The name also reflects its layered flavor, which morphs from sweet to doughy without ever losing its smooth, mellow exhale. What starts with a dry pull that’s all Berry Bubble Yum, switches gears to a rich, smoky flavor without ever missing a beat.

What makes this strain so impressive is the care with which it’s grown. Royal Key maintains living soil beds teeming with organisms and partner plants to create a diverse, natural environment for them to thrive. The process is both time and labor intensive, but for this husband and wife team, the increase in quality from growing this type of Cannabis far outweighs getting a few less pounds per year. 

In the small, but ever-evolving scene of indoor, living soil Cannabis, Velvet N°5 hits a high note. With its standout complexities in flavor and eye-popping appearance, it’s a tasty top-shelf treat you’re encouraged to enjoy.

Testing: 27% THCa | 25% THC | 30% Cannabinoids | 2.2% Terpenoids

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