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from Rugged Roots

Runtz is beloved for its incredibly fruity flavor and smells just like a bag of its sugary namesake candy.

Rugged Roots recently placed second in The Harvest Cup indica flower competition with their Runtz, a cross of Zkittlez and Gelato originally bred by Cookies. A few days after the announcement, I swung over to a nearby dispensary to sample a pre-roll and really enjoyed the tropical taste and delightful buzz. I decided to take a ride to the Rugged Roots greenhouse in Auburn, Maine to meet the crew, see how they grow, and sample some more Runtz. I met with Lead Cultivator Ryan Richards, who happily showed me around their greenhouse full of beautiful healthy plants of multiple strains, all grown in coco.

Runtz is beloved for its incredibly fruity flavor and smells just like a bag of its sugary namesake candy. Upon opening the beautifully-designed resealable package featuring their pinetree mountain logo, one finds an eighth of small, dense, trichome-covered nuggets. They broke apart easily and I had no problem rolling a nice fatty without using a grinder. The nugs were all picture-perfect, with light green leaves and bright orange hairs, plus a hint of purple mixed in. 

I took a few hits during the course of the day while working and found that it helped reduce my anxiety with a relaxing and uplifting buzz. The sweet taste of the buds paired perfectly with my morning coffee. Once I sat down for some heavier smoking after the day was done, the Runtz really grabbed my attention! The high came on very fast – before I was even done with the first bowl. After the second bowl, I was starting to feel that couchlock, stoney sensation and by the time I lit up a joint, I was well on my way to looking for a movie to watch – instead of going hiking as planned. I also had a severe case of the munchies. 

Rugged Roots has done an amazing job growing the Runtz strain. They also own Sinsemilla recreational and medical dispensaries where you can always find their products, which are also available at other shops throughout Southern Maine. 

This article was originally published in the January 2022 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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