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Shiva Cookies

from Pakalolo

Our taste buds applauded at the performance and called for an immediate encore.

If your question is – “What would be the perfect summertime buzz?” – our answer is Pakalolo Supply Company’s Shiva Cookies. This true sativa comes in at a tasty 16.78% THC that leaves one smiling and happy to exist in this beautiful state … and state of mind.

Upon first popping the container open, we were immediately impressed by the large, well-formed buds we received. Each bud looked like a miniature bush – with equal parts green leaf and red-haired stigmas blended in perfect harmony. We expected a fluffier feeling to the flower based on the airy look of the buds, but quickly found that they were fairly dense and broke apart with an audible snap.

As we dug deeper into the firm nuggets, we released a light but distinct citrus aroma that marked this 16.78% THC offering from Pakalolo Supply Co. as a true sativa. The buds were consistent throughout, a good sign of proper cultivation and curing. It’s easy to tell that there was a lot of care put into this unique strain.

We loaded the bowl while eagerly awaiting the first taste. After some debate, we finally came to the agreement that it could best be described as a smoky/spicy lemon flavor that sat heavily on the tongue. The smoky taste we were getting reminded us of a quality scotch. That flavor settled in quietly and made room for the delicious lemon pepper overtones to put on their show. Our taste buds applauded at the performance and called for an immediate encore.

The initial high came on fairly quickly – with a feeling of elation that brought summer-wide grins to our faces. Slowly creeping in (after about 20 minutes of bliss) came a very focused energy that begged to be harnessed.

This would be a great offering to enjoy before a backyard badminton game or a day of yard work. You’ll have the ambition to be productive and a lightness in your heart that might have you singing just a little too loudly for the neighbors comfort. If they complain, you can always start the lawn mower.

This article was originally published in the June 2022 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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