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Sour Tangie

from Loud AF Farms

With an energizing focus and perfume-thick presence, smoking a joint of Sour Tangie is a complete sensory experience.

Sour citrus has been prized as a medicine, distilled into high-end perfume, and given as a gift to represent ambition and luxury. There’s the bizarre-looking Buddha’s Hand, prized for its fragrant peel, or the ruby red grapefruit whose ruby tones were created through radiating the seeds, that proves our love for this wondrously varied fruit. With our fondness for big and bright flavors, it is no surprise that we would accentuate the fruity sweetness and funky orange-grove profiles found in Cannabis.

A DNA Genetics cross of Sour Diesel and Tangie, this expression has an intense orange rind essence with a complementary sharp sour note – one part extra pulp alongside one part high octane. With an energizing focus and perfume-thick presence, smoking a joint of Sour Tangie is a complete sensory experience. The crew over at Loud AF Farms know they have an honest-to-goodness classic on their hands and have spent the last few years dialing in this particular expression to produce the most complex and satisfying Sour Tangie profile I’ve personally encountered. 

“Sour T has the tendency to grow too tall and produce many small branches. Over the last two years, we’ve dialed it in and made the bud structure denser, which helps,” says Cultivator Jim Dunn, offering insight into how the strain keeps him on his toes, and why keeping the cultivar in rotation is not without its challenges. “It’s also the most difficult strain we have to clone,” he adds, “and it takes the cuts a few weeks to fully acclimate.” 

Owner Andrew Santorelli reminds us why it’s worth the headache, saying, “It’s still one of the best sativas I’ve ever smoked.”

Andrew considers a sativa-leaning variety integral to their farm’s selections. When asked why they continue to work with finicky older genetics over the flower that’s typically filling shelves, his answer was simple: “Keeping Sour T around is a no-brainer for us, especially as other farms continue to abandon the classics for new ‘hype strains.’ We dedicate our garden to the connoisseur’s taste.” And at the end of the day, that’s why having a standout, energizing cultivar like the Sour Tangie – a consistent deliverer on flavor and test results – fills a big piece of that puzzle.

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This article was originally published in the May 2023 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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