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Strawberries & Cream

from House of Cultivar

A sweet linalool terpene profile with a lemony freshness that can trigger memories of summertime.

Having sourced some of the best genetics in the world, House of Cultivar is bringing their connoisseur knowledge and vast experience from the Pacific Northwest to the Massachusetts market. With an already impressive genetic resume (currently set up with Cookies as their official cultivator and distributor for the state of Washington), the brand is making moves to expand and continue their legacy.

Beginning with the packaging, you can’t miss that House of Cultivar’s embodies an air of sophistication. You get the vibe that an exclusive group produced this weed – and, as high-level breeders and genetic preservationists, they don’t disappoint.

We chose the Strawberries & Cream – a Runtz x Unknown Strawberry cross – for our first foray into HoC’s offerings. Basically speaking, it’s an incredibly well-rounded strain that gets the highest scores in every category. At first glance, this flower is absolutely covered in terpy trichomes that are almost entirely snow white. Under this crystalized topcoat is a colorful, dark-hued leaf structure and numerous bright-orange flower pistils. The bud structure is gorgeous and the trimming is perfect – a very pretty sight to behold. 

The scent of this Cannabis flower is the next thing to hit you, bringing a sweet linalool terpene profile with a lemony freshness that can trigger memories of summertime. Breaking a bud open reveals cheesy undertones that signify the potency of this strain and entices the palate with flavor.

Smoking this flower provides a supremely relaxing high. It is dried, cured and trimmed flawlessly, which translates really well when you’re rolling up. With earthy notes and a creamy vanilla pull, you can absolutely make the Strawberries & Cream correlation that’s implied here. Sweet tasting and appealing to a sugary palate, this strain would be perfect for a night cap.

With a strong indica lineage, you’ll feel a sedative effect and a body high that is equal parts pleasant and strong. Make sure you’re ready to chill out and potentially sit down for a while … this strain is perfect for long conversations and just lounging around.

Wholesale Orders – Greencare Collective GCC-BRANDS.COM

Retail Partners Announcing Soon – Web: houseofcultivar.com 

Social: @house.of.cultivar

This article was originally published in the March 2023 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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