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Sunset Sherbet

from Evermore Cannabis Company

The complete body high with an energetic mind.

Evermore Cannabis Company’s Sunset Sherbet is one of Maryland’s more exquisite examples of Cannabis cultivation – hitting the trifecta for quality points all at once by being a stunningly beautiful bud, having a deliciously enticing aroma/flavor profile, and bringing a striking high. While Evermore has been producing some of Maryland’s top-shelf Cannabis for quite some time, their Sunset Sherbet has stood the test of time and truly become a pillar in the marketplace. Whether you are a medical patient or recreational connoisseur, this cornerstone cultivar should be on your radar.

Sunset Sherbet produces light meadow-green nugs with Christmas tree bud structures and strikingly orange calyxes that make the colors pop. Per the Evermore standard, our nugs were encased in a waxy, glittering layer of trichomes packed with the mouth-watering resin we know and love. The beauty of the bud draws in the eye, but it’s the nose that really sells the desirability of the flower – featuring a distinctive mixed-berry fruit at the top of the nose, followed up with a conspicuous candied-orange citrus smell and a light skunky essence. Kind of like if a smoothie bar was set up in a forest clearing, and the aromas of the fruit medleys coalesced with the woods in all of the best kinds of ways.

The high lives up to a true hybrid effect profile. Led by a caryophyllene dominance that really touches the complete rainbow of medical symptomatology, and tempered by a limonene, myrcene and linalool tail – it’s the complete body high with an energetic mind. I was able to feel the effects and interact with my day seamlessly and effortlessly, while appreciating its delectable goodness throughout each moment. Evermore’s Sunset Sherbet is a pillar of the Maryland marketplace for a reason, and worth seeking out whenever you can.

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This article was originally published in the September 2023 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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