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Sunset Shortcake

from Grassroots Cannabis

The aroma overtakes the room and the fruity, sweet and creamy notes tantalize the mind.

This month’s featured flower hails from Grassroots Cannabis and has been a crowd favorite for several harvest cycles. Sunset Shortcake has found its way into the hearts and minds of many of Maryland’s patients by being one of the fruitier and more pungent highs on the market, boasting a heavy 1:1 ratio of myrcene to caryophyllene that dominates the profile.

The nugs are absolutely beautiful, littered with trichomes and dotted with deep royal purples. Enthrallment with the bud deepens as the aroma overtakes the room and the fruity, sweet, and creamy notes tantalize the mind. The scent is so effervescently tropical that one expects an uplifting effect, but there’s more to the Sunset Shortcake story than such stereotypes.

In this case, the Sunset Shortcake does indeed smell like a delicious bouquet of strawberry, mango, and lichen, all drenched in honey and blended together with a sweet yogurt that produces a luscious scent any Cannabis user would enjoy. The flavor evolves with each passing puff, revealing deeper earthy notes on the exhale with the faintest echo of fruity monoterps. An absolutely exquisite sensory experience, it’s no wonder that the Maryland community has adored this cultivar for months and months.

The high itself is a bit of a creeper. As I mentioned, the uplifting and tropical scents are so prevalent that one really spends the first couple tokes savoring the flavor and experience of the initial puffs, ultimately not paying close enough attention to the cumulative effects of each toke. Soon, my entire body was fully sedated but not couch-locked, and my mind was stoned and slowed in the most pleasant kind of way. By the end of the joint, I was still deciphering the flavors without realizing that I had slipped into a heavy-lidded, stoner’s paradise. 

The aroma and flavor of Cannabis are some of the most amazing aspects of the plant and indeed represent a large portion of what makes a particular product higher or lower quality. The Sunset Shortcake by Grassroots Cannabis is an exquisite example of the stunning characteristics Cannabis is capable of, and if you haven’t experienced it in all its glory, it’s high time you did.

This article was originally published in the September 2021 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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