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Toad Venom

from Evans Creek

Evans Creek is known for having a wonderful collection of in-house heaters.

One of the biggest hype strains in the country right now, there are only a handful of spots on earth where you can harvest the elusive Toad Venom … and one of those is right here in Oregon. With an aroma that mystifies logic and effects that hit even seasoned smokers like a frog leg to the face, Evans Creek has produced what many budtenders have said is the most sought-after Cannabis in the state. 

Toad Venom is a cross of Animal Face and Sin Mintz, created by West Coast Connoisseurs and Ronin Seeds. Insanely popular with people looking for the latest big thing in the Cannabis world, it fetches a premium in every swamp from LA to the East Coast and when it somehow made an appearance at a social club in Barcelona this year, the drop disappeared in less than two days. After local giants Evans Creek got the opportunity to grow some of it in a test garden, they received the blessing to start producing some for the local market. 

Being a farm that’s focused on quality over size when it comes to a harvest, these first two batches have been an exemplary rendition of what everybody can’t stop talking about. The second batch hitting the scene has a little more of a wild shape due to the switch from LED to a combination HPS and MH light source, and while the batches out in Los Angeles are a little greener, the mottled green and purple coloring on these buds gives it even more of a toad skin feeling. 

Looking at the parentage, it’s easy to see why you’d wonder how this got all the hype. The cross seems like just another Baldwin brother, until you dig in and suddenly Toadie Baldwin is on the table delivering the speech from “Dead Poet’s Society” … and even your dad is crying. When you first smell the fresh flower, there’s an element of that doughy, minty aroma – but as the curing process really hits the end zone, what dominates is a smell exactly like those peach rings candies you buy at a gas station. You almost need to stare at the jar a couple times to make sure you’re reading the genetics correctly. Taking a hit, this strain delivers that full-bodied, gassy, doughy smoke that seems to coat your mouth in cotton. 

The taste doesn’t capture the smell, but it’s where you’ll find the family resemblance in this rebellious child, along with moments of what Dan at Evans Creek says is a “gassy lime” flavor. People I know who smoke a lot of impressive weed all comment on how this strain will fuck you up, and since Evans Creek will never exceed a 15-pound batch, there’s little chance of you smoking enough to get a real tolerance (though we do encourage you to stock up when you can). Evans Creek is known for having a wonderful collection of in-house heaters, so it truly feels like the perfect place to see the second official release of this strain. Plus, Oregon deserves a little extra helping of hype now and then. 


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